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Rogier Arents, Designer OBJECT Rotterdam: Opening tonight!
05 February 2015
Tonight is thé moment, the opening of OBJECT Rotterdam. As always, the preparations are stressful, this time caused by an accident. In December I collided on the ice rink, my ankle was broken. I had to keep calm for 7 weeks. By the time I could get back to work, there was only one week to go before OBJECT Rotterdam. So, hard at work! Luckily, at the last minute, the day before the opening, the plaster finally came off.

Below is a series of photos of the making of the series of drawings ‘Polygon’ shown at OBJECT. The photos are taken by Asnate Bockis.

I make drawings using pen plotters, the first computer-controlled printers. A digital file is sent to the printer which then picks up a pen and starts drawing. In this case, the machine draws with a black marker.

This series of drawings have been generated by means of an algorithm, a repetition of mathematical formulas. With this process no pen is actually required.

Because these mathematical prints are eventually ‘drawn’ with a felt tip pen the 'signed' print looks as if it is hand drawn, but with the perfection of a digital drawing.

These old printers cannot draw circles, instead it draws a polygon, with lots of sides. This inspired me to make drawings of polygons. The series begins with a print of a triangle, in the subsequent prints more and more corners appear until it is perceived to be a circle.

To achieve good results lots of test prints are made. The drawing and the setting of the printer must continuously be adjusted to perfect the print.

The perfect prints are selected and exhibited at OBJECT. You are welcome to admire the end result, the prints hang on the "upper deck" of the ss Rotterdam.
After the Art Rotterdam Week I will write a blog about what I have seen during the festival and about my experience of presenting at OBJECT.

Tip for visitors of Art Rotterdam Week:
Do not forget that in addition to the major exhibitions there are lots of small exhibitions, so-called pop-ups, which are definitely worth a visit!

Rogier Arents - Designer
Rogier works from his design studio in the center of Rotterdam. Science inspires him to make drawings, films, installations, products and graphic designs. Rogiers latest work is a series of ink drawings based on algorithms appearing at OBJECT Rotterdam in the cruise ship ss Rotterdam during Art Rotterdam Week 2015.
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