A Festival Downtown presents compelling, electronic music in a unique setting right in the city centre of Rotterdam.

Street festival
On Saturday the 7th of October 2017 De Nieuwe Binnenweg (one of the city’s primary streets) and its surroundings, gets turned into a festival site with several in-and outdoor stages for one day.

On the one hand the festival is programmed to also appeal to people who are not explicitly looking for innovative and experimental electronic music. On the other hand there is a distinct underbelly to the festival. Towards the evening the acts become more specific and innovative, while in the afternoon it’s more of a blend between accessible and innovative music.

The mainstage will be at the Eendrachtsplein. Other than that, there will be performances at several cafés on the Nieuwe Binnenweg. There is also an old tram that will run on the Nieuwe Binnenweg, where visitors can listen to performances and get a free ride to the festival.

Nieuwe Binnenweg
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