Baroeg Open Air
Baroeg Open Air is an annual festival organised by Baroeg. The festival is characterised by its broad underground line-up and pleasant athmosphere. This year's BOA will take place on saturday the 9th of September in the "Zuiderpark", Rotterdam.

Baroeg Open Air combines a lot of different heavy and alternative styles into one festival, like various styles of metal, hardcore, drum’n bass, breakcore, stoner, punk, rock ’n roll, gothic and dubstep. By searching for similarities rather than differences between bands and genres, the organisation manages to book a festival that’s appealing to a wide audience.


BOA is free of charge and has been set up nine times before. From the first edition in 2006 until now, BOA saw its number of visitors increase from 3000 to 9000 people.

Previous editions