22 t/m 25 November 2017

Cameretten Festival

Cameretten Festival is a very important event for the cabaret talent of the future. Starters get a chance to position and develop themselves.

The festival
Cameretten consists of multiple parts, so the audience can get to know the talents in different stages of the competition.

Stepping Stone
Winning the Cameretten Festival can be a big step in the career of future cabaret professionals. Many famous Dutch comedians started at this festival.

Meet the new cabaret generation and watch the greatest comedians of the future!

Theater Zuidplein
Theater Walhalla
Het Nieuwe Luxor
Het Oude Luxor
Previous editions
Cameretten Festival 2016 23 t/m 26 November
Cameretten Festival 2015 25 t/m 28 November
Cameretten 2011 23 t/m 26 November