It's the craft beers that are made by little breweries who have started at home in a basement or shed. The people who made their hands dirty, smell sweaty and worked hard, just to make that one sublime beer. Just a little different than the rest. HOP searched for those invisible but great brewers and gathers them at this event.

A great beer festival with craft beers, good food, nice music in a comfy setting. The sun is shining, Wijkpark Oude Westen is buzzling, you hear nice acoustic sounds, taste beers of local brewers. Friends are drinking, people are laughing and you smell the smell of delicious food. After a few beers the DJ starts to spin and you might even do a litte dance..

Sounds good?
Fot more information check out the festival's website or Facebook page.

Wijkpark Oude Westen
Previous editions
HOP 2016 12 en 13 August