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The electronic music scene flourishes in Rotterdam. This year offers another extensive selection of dance festivals in the city. Mark your calendars, these are the dance festivals that have been confirmed so far…


Kralingse Bos Festival

Sat 27 April Kralingse Bos

Celebrate King's day at Kralingse Bos with live and electronic music in several genres from techno to hiphop.

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Show with smoke machine


Sat 27 April Het Park (at the Euromast)

One of the biggest King's day festivals of Rotterdam. Oranjebitter takes atmosphere and experience very serious.

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Stage with crowd

Kroon Festival

Sat 27 April Willemsplein

An orange fest with the focus on house and deep house.

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Artist on stage

Toffler Festival

Sat 18 May Roel Langerakpark

Get ready to dance in the grass during the fourth edition of Toffler Festival. This year at Roel Langerakpark!

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Toffler outside