Reaching our audience

Making arts and culture accessible to the widest possible audience
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Working closely together to reach all cultural audiences

Rotterdam Festivals aims to make arts and culture accessible to the widest possible audience. But what does the audience want? For many years now, Rotterdam Festivals has been studying the needs and wishes of various target groups in the city of Rotterdam and beyond. How do they value the current range of cultural activities and festivals on offer? How do they prefer to be kept up-to-date about cultural events in the city of Rotterdam? What motivates people to join in and visit a cultural event, or stay at home instead? To get an answer to these questions, we are regularly conducting surveys. We share the knowledge and insights we gain with all cultural partners in Rotterdam. The Cultural Segmentation Model that we have developed is a useful tool to support the city’s cultural sector. 

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Valuable insights

As a culture maker, it is important to know your audience. The more you know about their wishes, needs and way of life, the better you can serve them. Proactively looking for information about your audience is always a good idea. But how do you go about this? What do you need to take into account? At Rotterdam Festivals we enjoy helping you with carrying out your audience survey. We regularly do market research to find out the needs and expectations of the general public visiting cultural events. We share these insights with culture makers in the city of Rotterdam. Every year, we use the Cultural Segmentation Model to offer cultural organisations valuable insights into the audience they reach. We also conduct research commissioned by the municipality of Rotterdam. The reports of our studies can be downloaded free of charge from our knowledge database.


Sharing knowledge

As a sector, we become stronger by sharing knowledge and insights. Rotterdam Festivals enjoys playing a key role in this process. We regularly and proactively carry out audience surveys and share the results with cultural organisations. We also organise knowledge-sharing sessions and webinars for our network about a wide range of topics. The objective is always to learn from each other and to grow stronger together.