Uitagenda Rotterdam promotes all cultural activities

Uitagenda Rotterdam collects information about the range of cultural activities on offer in the city of Rotterdam, creating a comprehensive overview with dates and venues, inspiring pages, tips and background stories.
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Uitagenda Rotterdam

What is happening when and where? To many citizens of and visitors to Rotterdam, Uitagenda Rotterdam is the ultimate guide for all cultural activities in the city. They read the magazine, check out the website, follow the social media channels or subscribe to the email newsletter Uitmail so they always know exactly what is happening in Rotterdam. They find the most complete and up-to-date cultural events calendar with dates and venues, but also informative background stories, interviews and fun competitions. This makes Uitagenda Rotterdam an important medium for cultural institutions and festival organisers to reach their target audience.


Uitagenda Rotterdam has several communication channels. Every two months, a magazine in print is published. Free copies can be picked up from many locations throughout the city. There is also a special children’s edition published at the same time aimed at families with children. The most up-to-date news about festivals and cultural activities can be found by visitors on social media, the website and the 3 email newsletters Uitmail, Museum Uitmail and Kids Uitmail. This is how we reach a large number of citizens in and visitors to Rotterdam.

Always something to enjoy for everyone

Rotterdam Festivals makes sure that there is always something to enjoy for everyone in Rotterdam. Thanks to our efforts, the audience knows what is happening when and where. By communicating via various channels about the cultural activities on offer in the city of Rotterdam, we aim to inspire and encourage the general public to take part in cultural events. One of the most important tools we have is Uitagenda Rotterdam. We also make cultural activities in Rotterdam visible to the general public through posters in the streets.

Reach your audience through Uitagenda Rotterdam, the most complete cultural city guide
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