Citywide projects

Rotterdam Festivals can play a coordinating and programming role for major and unique citywide events in Rotterdam.
Koningsdag 2023 in Rotterdam, met bezoek van Koning Willem Alexander
Spring naar hoofdinhoud

We contribute to the international position of Rotterdam

Ever since the founding in 1993, Rotterdam Festivals has grown and developed into an organisation that puts together the Festival Calendar, supports and promotes the festival branche, researches the needs and wishes of the envisaged festival audience and advises the municipality of Rotterdam. Our strength is to support, facilitate and connect various organisations. 


Additionally Rotterdam Festivals can play an important role in coordinating and programming major events for special occasions. This is an exception, for when there is a major event in the city of Rotterdam for which connecting many organisations and taking pride in the city of Rotterdam are key. Or an event that can contribute a sense of ‘WOW!’ to the international position of the city of Rotterdam.


For example, in 2016 Rotterdam Festivals coordinated the cultural event Rotterdam Celebrates the City to mark the 75th anniversary of the post-war reconstruction of our city.


We also took the lead when organizing the city-wide programme to celebrate the Eurovision Song Contest Rotterdam in 2021 and King’s Day in 2023. These events were produced by a different organisation.


The Regio Deal Rotterdam Zuid asked Rotterdam Festivals to come up with an intervention in the field of culture. This has become Zomer op Zuid with four months of a comprehensive cultural summer programme in the south of Rotterdam in 2023.


In 2024 Rotterdam Festivals will organise a city programme to accompany the Tour de France Femmes in close collaboration with Rotterdam Topsport.

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