Festivals dazzle the city

Spring naar hoofdinhoud

A vibrant festival city

Here in Rotterdam, we are working towards a city that is lively in every way. There is always something to do for everyone. Rotterdam Festivals has been commissioned to make sure of this. We pay a great deal of attention to putting together the festival calendar. We aim for a wide range of cultural activities that suits the city of Rotterdam: raw, international and innovative. From major and spectacular events to small and intimate gatherings. We support the good events, and also move with the changing city by investing in new and exciting ideas. This is why we are always interested in new plans and assist festivals organisers whereever we can. We offer advice, give you helpful tips and make things happen. We truly go for the projects we believe in!

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Rotterdam Festivals likes to help you on your way

Are you planning to organise an event in the city of Rotterdam? Rotterdam Festivals is your first point of call. We keep an overview of all the cultural activities and festivals in the city. This is why we are the ideal partner to help you position your event. We advise you about potential target audiences. We advise you about planning and production. And we point you in the right direction when it comes to permits, insurance, venues and financial support. We also challenge you to think about the societal value of your event, and how you can make it more sustainable, accessible, inclusive and innovative! Let’s go for maximum impact.

Let’s go for maximum impact!
Financial support

Rotterdam Festivals also supports events financially. If your cultural activity meets our criteria, you can apply for a financial contribution. We assess every request for funding and determine whether it qualifies. At Rotterdam Festivals we enjoy helping you get your project off the ground.



Everyone who organises an event in the city of Rotterdam, needs to apply for the right permits on time. Which permits do you need? And how do you apply for them? Please note that load-in and load-out before and after your event is quick and efficient. At Rotterdam Festivals, we have all the necessary knowledge and experience to advise you on this. It is up to you as the festival organiser to submit your application to the permit department of the municipality of Rotterdam.


Events calendar

Rotterdam Festivals has been commissioned by the municipality of Rotterdam to make an overview of the cultural events and festivals that require permits. This overview is put together with a great deal of attention, creating a well-balanced range regarding dates, venues, themes, target audience to match Rotterdam’s DNA.


How to apply for permits for cultural events. Please check out the procedure here (in Dutch only).